Two Reasons Your Business Needs HR Software


If one or more of these descriptions fit you and your company, it’s time to think about investing in HR Software.

You use email to know who’s out of the office

using email for HR

These days, you can’t run a business without sending and receiving a ton of emails. The business world sends and receives 108.7 billion emails every day. Email is a tried and true tool that time and again ends up being the default method in a sea of communication options. Email is easy to respond to, easy to connect on, and easy to derail your entire workflow with.

Email takes up a lot of your employees time. In fact, your average employee already spends 28% of their workweek reading and responding to emails. That’s over 11 hours a week! Lost in the infinite inbox tends to be a ton of overlooked and potentially useful information like time-off requests.

Not only are you confirming your staff has time-off to use with a spreadsheet but without an ongoing visualization of who’s in the office and who’s not, you’ll run into staffing issues if you haven’t already.

“Keeping track of vacation days and scheduling leave took so much time when our staff was small that when our rapid growth and expansion started a few years ago, I quickly realized that managing vacations could become a full-time job.”, says Elizabeth Hanfman, Vice President at DuClaw Brewing Company. “But Kin not only simplifies the record keeping and scheduling through the calendar, it also adds the graphs for people that are more visually oriented.”

Drop email as your ride-or-die communication tool and you might just crush communication overload.

“As we grew, it wasn’t possible to keep track of everyone’s sick days, holidays and details.”, Bronwyn Mondoux, Creative Director and Owner, Cinnamon Toast, a full-service marketing and digital agency, told our own Lindsay Sanders during an interview. “Kin was the perfect solution for [us]. We aren’t big enough to have an HR department and even if we were, Kin is still so useful for both our employees and managers.”

Your new employees are new for a long time

creating an onboarding process

Think fast, what is your company’s onboarding process? If you didn’t think of the answer right away, you likely have holes in your onboarding of new hires.

Your new employee’s first days are crucial to their success with your company. 33% of employees knew whether they would stay with their company long-term after their first week.

We’ve talked a lot about onboarding on time, what mistakes to avoid, and how onboarding plays a role in your employer brand story. HR software can help take your existing (or not so existing) onboarding process to a new level.

When a new hire can come to your office on day one and begin their career at your company with a high level of productivity and have confidence in their first day on the job, you know that your onboarding process is as good as it needs to be.

“KinHR helps with those administrative tasks that sound simple, but aren’t, like onboarding and time off requests.”, says John Myers, President, Tack Mobile, a software development company. “Now that our team has gotten used to it, I can’t see ever going back to emails, shared folders, and spreadsheets.”

HR Software can help automate repetitive tasks, like assigning paperwork for new hires to complete.

HelpScout stepped up their employee onboarding game with Kin HR and some relationship building exercises right before doubling the size of their team. Needless to say, HR software assisted HelpScout in creating and maintaining great employee experiences.

“We’re able to assign reminders, set up new folks with the logins they need,” said Becca Van Nederynen, People Ops Team member at Help Scout, “and send them quick tasks like completing their payment details or writing a short bio to share with the team.”

HR software can help

We made Kin with employee and employer experience in mind. Running a business is already a hard thing to do, why should it be any harder than it has to be?

There are many areas of your business that should demand your undivided attention, and with HR software like Kin, you’ll work smarter and rest easier knowing that you’ve got software to help streamline HR for your small business.

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Kin HR Software streamlines HR for your entire team with employee file & data management, time-off tracking, employee reviews & objectives, and new hire onboarding.


Kin HR Software streamlines HR for your entire team with employee file & data management, time-off tracking, employee reviews & objectives, and new hire onboarding.

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