Thank you + Why > Thank you

Collaboration is one of my favorite things.

I believe there is something almost magical, about bringing the right human beings together, at the right time, so they may achieve things they could not have achieved alone.


There comes a time, in and around collaboration, when we wish to express our gratitude for the help we have received.

Or to put it another way, to express gratitude for the help that has been given to us.

Sometimes it’s at the end of a collaboration, which might have been over a long period (months or years), or maybe it was a shorter or ephemeral collaboration over days or hours or even minutes.

Sometimes over a long period, you might want to express gratitude regularly and frequently.

Thank you

The simple act of expressing thank you for the help given is a beautiful thing.


Thanks so much for that.

Thank you so much for your help, you are amazing.

I think saying any one of these is valuable.

Thank you + Why > Thank you

What I think is much more valuable, is to be explicit about WHY you are thankful.

e.g. Thank you:
“Thanks, Rob!”

e.g. Thank you + Why:
“Hey Rob,

This looks great.

I love the simple three-point agenda.

Rob, thanks for all you do, to create the space to help us reflect and plan and grow and learn and improve.



I think that adding the why is helpful because:

  • It helps you reflect on, and deeply digest, the help that was given.
  • It helps you (and the helper) recognize the value the help created.
  • It likely warms the heart of the person who gave help.
  • It likely will encourage the helper to help you again.
  • It likely will encourage you to help others. #PayItFoward
  • Saying thank you and adding WHY you are thankful, will likely remind you, and others, of the beauty and joy that comes from human beings collaborating with each other.

P.s. If you share this story, I will be thankful, because it makes me happy to think that more folks might consider Thank you + Why…and that might encourage a little more helpful collaboration in the world.



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Founder at - "Serendipity.Engineered" The happiness of the team is more important than the happiness of the customer.

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Simon Cockayne

Founder at - "Serendipity.Engineered" The happiness of the team is more important than the happiness of the customer.

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