The Link Between Employer Branding + Employee Referrals

We live in a time when we have more information and more choices than we can ever imagine or need. As consumers, we have virtually unlimited choices when it comes to where we shop, how we shop and what brands we buy. (Amazon has over 15,000 results for “pikachu hat” for Pete’s sake! Don’t ask.) With so many choices, it’s easy to over-research and crowdsource just about any decision – tapping family, colleagues and the “friends” in our social network for advice on the most trivial of topics. But when it comes to making one of the most important decisions in life – a career change – this broad network of people, connections and opinions is an extremely valuable (and influential) resource

How candidates make decisions

Candidates today act like consumers…Read more by Tiffany Wilson…

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Source: Elyse Schmidt

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